Perhaps one of the most common questions we’ve ever heard here at Omnom HQ is: What’s the best way to store cheese?

To answer this very important question, we thought we’d call in Cheesemonger Matt Steele from Cornelius Cheese to shed some light on the subject.

“The best way to store cheese is in grease proof paper, like the kind a good cheese shop should be selling you your cheese in.” Make sure it’s “wrapped fairly tight around the whole cheese and then store the wrapped cheese in the vegetable crisper or the most humid part of your fridge”. If your fridge is breezy and drying, place the “wrapped cheeses in a container with a wet, but wrung out, piece of paper towel in it”. It’s all about keeping your cheese luscious and moist.

If you don’t have any grease proof paper from a cheese shop, you can use a store-bought wax (or grease proof) paper – but at all costs avoid plastic cling film. One must aways remember that cheese is a living breathing being and cling film can mess with the gas exchange process among other things.