A n extravagant cheese platter can come at an extravagant cost, so good cheese platter etiquette is essential.  The fact that a small fortune has been spent by you, or someone else, on some pretty majestic cheeses means giving the cheeses (and the peeps you are sharing it with) supreme respect.

  • Respect The Wedge: Never cut the nose or tip off a wedge of cheese. Cheeses can either ripen from the outside in, or inside out – so cutting the nose off the wedge could mean you are depriving someone else from eating the sexiest part of the cheese. Cut down the length from inside to out.

  • Cheese Temperature: Cold mutes flavour and tightens the consistency of the cheese. Always get the cheese out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before serving for the best flavour profile and texture.

  • Separate Utensils: Have a different knife for each cheese. No one wants to be cutting a delicate chevre with a gorgonzola smeared knife.

  • Pre-Cutting Cheese: Never pre-cut cubes of cheese. Seriously, it looks bad to boot, and really dries out the cheese.

  • Room the Breathe: Don’t over-crowd the cheese platter or board. Yes, cheese does breathe. Over-crowding means firstly: they’re hard to cut, and secondly: your delicate Brillat Savarin might have hints of Stinking Bishop.

  • Digging the Centre:  Digging a hole in the centre of a wheel of cheese leaving the rind for someone else is bad form. Refer to point 1. Remember, most rinds are edible – but are subject to personal preference.