History and Background: Famously known for its use in Cheese Fondue, French Onion Soup and Croque Madam – Gruyère still makes an impressive contribution to any cheese platter. Authentically from La Gruyère in the Canton of Fribourg in Switzerland from the 12th Century, it was only in 2001 that Gruyere was granted Controlled Designation of Origin (AOC) status (think Champagne) nationally and Protected Designation of Origin (AOP) for all of Europe. The AOP status means each cheese goes through an approval process to ensure the best quality every time.

Taste/texture: This hard, yellow/rusty brown cheese is made from unpasteurised milk from cows fed exclusively fresh grass in summer and hay in winter, with no additives or ensilage. The resulting cheese texture and taste, is dependent on the time of maturation, where a young aged Gruyère is sweet, slightly salty, creamy and nutty becoming more insistent, savoury, earthy, and complex as it matures.

Serving suggestion: Gruyère is perfect in a dish requiring a good melty cheese and pairs well with fresh berries, figs or semi-sweet jams/pastes.

My Rating: Keeping in mind that taste is subjective – I love Gruyère – so for me personally, Gruyere gets 4 out of 5 stars.Cheese-review-star-rating-omnom-cheese