Cheese Making Consumables

  • Our Mesophilic Starter Culture can be used in the production of cheddar, colby, monterey jack, feta, gouda, quark, chèvre, cultured butter, edam and many more
  • Vegetarian rennet is used for coagulation (curd setting) in home cheese making. These rennet tablets are produced by microbes, and contain no animal products and NO wheat starch or other gluten products.
  • Cheese Making Citric Acid is a natural acid isolated from citrus fruit (it gives lemons their acidity) and is commonly used for direct acidification of milk/cream to produce quick set acid cheeses such as "cheats" mozzarella, paneer, ricotta, mascarpone and more.
  • Our Professional Cheese Cloth is a hygienic and modern version of the traditional cloth fabric (butter muslin).

  • The Cheese Making Thermometer indicates temperatures within the range of -10°C - 110°C making it ideal for home cheese making.

  • Cheese Wrap/Paper

    Description: This Cheese Wrap/Paper (220mm x 220mm) comes in a pack of 10. Each sheet is a 2-layered, micro-perforated polypropylene wrap ideal for wrapping both blue and white mould cheeses. The inner layer (paraffin), sits on the surface of the cheese, and aims to protect the delicate white and blue mould, maintain the correct moisture in the cheese (absorbs excess moisture) and allow the cheese to ripen under the correct moisture conditions.

    The outer polypropylene layer, allows the cheese to breathe, by exchanging fresh air from the environment, with the air produced my the maturing cheese. This layer also stops the cheese from drying out.

  • The Caprino Cheese Making Mould is ideal for homemade goat's milk cheeses and other soft cheese styles. It's dishwasher safe and made of BPA-Free, food grade plastic.

  • The Regular Ricotta Cheese Making Basket is capable of producing a 300-450g homemade ricotta cheese. The basket provides a traditional shape draining a light, sweet and moist cheese.

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