Successfully getting stretchy mozzarella comes down to several factors:

  • The quality of the milk: The milk needs to be fresh and un-homogenised. However, even some un-homogenised milk brands won’t be successful at times, due to seasonal fluctuations in the milk, or if the milk has been pasteurised at a high temperature. See our tried and tested unhomogenised milk recommendations.

  • The right amount of acidity: Mozzarella only stretches at the ‘perfect’ acidity (PH 5.2), therefore it’s important you ensure you use a measured 5ml teaspoon to measure the citric acid. Be vigilant in your measurement or get yourself some PH testing strips.

  • Temperature: The curd needs to be approximately 75°C to become stretchy.

  • Cheese making citric acid: Supermarket citric acid may have other additives. It’s best to use a citric acid specified for cheese making.