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Join us at Tramsheds, Sydney to learn how to make Halloumi and Silky Chèvre, in this hands-on cheese making, cheese eating & wine drinking course.

Our cheese making style is aimed at the busy urban dweller and city kitchen – making use of common kitchen equipment you have at home already. We will take you through milk selection for cheese making (without the requirement of a house cow), inoculating and renneting the milk, and finally how to turn the curd into the most delicious Halloumi and Chèvre you’ve ever tasted.

Be prepared to grow your circle of friends!

This is a comprehensive course which will leave you confident in your own ability to whip up these cheeses (plus more) in  your city kitchen.

Cheeses created during the course will be used as part of a light evening meal with wine towards the end of the session PLUS you’ll be able to take home your very own chèvre.


**Don’t forget to bring a container with 1L capacity so you can take your chèvre home**


 Class Includes: 

  • A comprehensive cheese making session including both the theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.
  • Your own chèvre to take home **Don’t forget a container with 1L capacity**
  •  Recipe Cards.
  • A light evening meal showcasing the cheeses created.
  • Wine with your meal.

We will be on leave until 8th January and will be shipping all orders on our return. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Dismiss